Plains Coreopsis


Plains Coreopsis is also known as Golden Tickseed and Calliopsis.  It is native to the western United States but has been widely planted and has escaped cultivation to naturalize across the country.  Its many yellow flowers with dark red centers on plants up to 4 feet tall are beautiful in the garden and as cut flowers.  It is deer-resistant, fast growing, and readily reseeds itself, adding to its appeal among gardeners.  It attracts bees and butterflies who forage on the nectar, and the seeds are eaten by birds.

Plains Coreopsis had many traditional uses for Native Americans.  The Zuni used the flowers to produce red dye, and it was widely used by various tribes for medicinal purposes.  Tea from the roots have been used to treat diarrhea and tea from boiled plants treated pain and internal bleeding.

Although considered an annual, Plains Coreopsis can sometimes bloom for up to 3 years. It prefers sandy soil but can grow in a variety of soil types.  It likes wet areas and is ideal for sites with poor drainage that remain soggy for extended periods.



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