Prairie Coneflower


Prairie Coneflower is known by several other names, most commonly Yellow Coneflower or Mexican Hat.  It is the same species, just a different color phase,  as the wildflower described on this website as Mexican Red Hat.

Prairie Coneflower is desirable in native reclamation mixes to improve wildlife habitat because it provides spring browse for big game and the seed provides food for birds and small mammals.  As part of a diverse native plant community, Prairie Coneflower  can also help provide nesting and other cover for birds.

Native peoples historically have used all parts of the plant for a wide variety of medicinal purposes ranging from coughs to rattlesnake bites and produced dye from the boiled flowers.

In landscaping, Prairie Coneflower is a drought-tolerant ornamental that attracts pollinators.  Besides its drought tolerance, it has many qualities to recommend it in a low-maintenance xeriscape garden:  it is deer resistant, easy to grow from seed, fast growing, tolerates a wide range of soil types, and withstands competition.  Seeds should be planted from 1/4 to 1/2-inch deep.


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