What you need to know before you call us.

You may know exactly what you want, but if you need some information to make an informed decision, we can help. We can also help you create custom mixes designed specifically to your needs and conditions. You can either tell us what you need or come in and chat with the staff for ideas and information. In order to help you better, you will need some information so we can create your ideal mix.

  1. Dryland or irrigated?                                      
  2. What is the approximate altitude?                              
  3. Drilled or broadcast seed application?                        
  4. Area to be planted?  (# of sq. ft. or acres)                  
  5. Special considerations? (slope, special soils etc.)                     
  6. Ground preparation?                                       
  7. PLS # or Bulk?                                                           


What does PLS vs. Bulk mean?

PLS stands for Pure Live Seed. In any one bulk pound of seed there may be some inert material, other crop seed, etc. Also in that bulk pound there are some seeds that are not going to grow, perhaps they were harvested too soon or the growing conditions damaged seed as it was forming. So you have a germination rate below 100%. If you multiply the purity x the germination rate, it equals the percentage of Pure Live Seed (PLS). For seeding applications where getting the right amount of seed in the ground is critical—such as in reclamation reseeding, it is standard practice to purchase seed on a PLS basis guarantying the total amount of viable seed you expect for the job.

Keeping your seed healthy.

Seed remains viable for many years if you can store it in a cool dry place. So if your plans to plant the lawn are disrupted because you won the lottery—don’t worry. Store the seed for a year and start again.  Our tags give you a lot of information about the health of your seed including how much is pure and what the germination rate is.

Growing plants and Mother Nature.  

Southwest Seed sells high quality seed documented by lab analysis. However, it takes good planting techniques, water, good soil and Mother Nature all working together to produce the lawn, pasture or wildflower stand of your dreams.