Alkali Seed Mix


The Alkali Seed Mix is a cool season, perennial blend that combines the alkali resistance traits of 6 different grasses and legumes.  In the Four Corners region, many soils are derived from Mancos Shale which has higher percentages of sodium salts.  These areas often present themselves as the low point where water seeps bringing alkaline deposits extracted from other soils.  The Alkali Seed Mix has a combination of tall and short plants. It can be grazed, however its main function is to provide coverage in areas where most plants won’t grow.  The seeding rate is 15 lbs per acre drilled and 20 lbs per acre broadcast.

Mature Height

25%  Tall Wheatgrass          25″ +

25%  Tall Fescue                   25″+

15%   Slender Wheatgrass   13″ – 24″

15%   Alkali Grass                  13″ – 24″

15%  Russian Wildrye           13″ – 24″

5%    Strawberry Clover        1″ – 12″


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Additional Information

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