Dryland Pasture


Dryland Pasture is a blend of mostly perennial, drought tolerant, pasture grasses for grazing or haying purposes on dryland ground.  Two caveats need to be remembered with dryland grasses.  All grasses and seeds need to be in the presence of moisture in order to germinate and get roots established.  This means that just the act of putting seed in the ground does not guarantee that the environmental conditions are right for growth.  Secondly, drought tolerant species are not as palatable/digestable as irrigated species, so if your animal has a choice, they will always choose an irrigated pasture over a dryland pasture (wouldn’t you?)  That being said, this is a good all purpose dryland pasture blend that will produce for many years after it gets established. The seeding rate is 15 lbs per acre drilled and 20 lbs per acre broadcast.

20%  Pubescent Wheatgrass

30%  Smooth Brome

20%  Piaute Orchardgrass

15%  Crested Wheatgrass

10%  Russian Wildrye

5%    Annual Rye


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