Low Grow/Low Maintenance Mix


The Low Grow/Low Maintenance Mix is a combination of perennial, low growing, drought tolerant species that create a diverse green cover.  It will not look like a park lawn – for that you need irrigated turf species – but for the land owner looking for green plant coverage that will require minimal upkeep and maintenance this can be an excellent option. Mowing can be minimal except in the late fall or early spring.  Some irrigation may be necessary to keep the grasses from going dormant during the heat and dryness of the summer months.  The mix does have 10% Lewis flax, a pretty blue flower, if you don’t mow. This mix is effective at a wide range of elevations (4,500 – 9,000 feet).  The amount of moisture and nutrients will dictate the height at maturity.

30%    Crested Wheatgrass

20%    Sheep Fescue

20%    Canada Bluegrass

20%    Hard Fescue

10%     Lewis Flax


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