Semi-Irrigated Pasture Mix


The Semi-Irrigated pasture mix is ideal for areas that have inconsistent irrigation, or are on limited irrigation systems where the water gets turned off part way through the season, or for higher elevation property that has slightly cooler days and gets a bit more natural precipitation.  It is a good pasture mix or ideal for people who are trying to attract dear and elk to their property.  It contains Sainfoin which is a non-bloat legume and Small Burnet – ice cream to wildlife!  These two species make the mix highly palatable and more nutritious.  However, they are susceptible to herbicides for weeds and so if you need to do chemical weed management, you will do better with a different all grass mix. The drilled seeding rate is 18 lbs per acre and the broadcast seeding rate is 25 lbs per acre.

20%  Orchardgrass

10%  Meadow Brome

10%  Smooth Brome

15%  Pubescent Wheatgrass

15%   Sainfoin

10%  Small Burnet

20%  Annual Rye


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