Sheep Fescue


Sheep Fescue is a cool season, introduced bunch grass categorized with the fine leaved fescues (Hard Fescue, Idaho Fescue, Arizona Fescue and Rocky Mountain Fescue).  Sheep Fescue is probably the most drought tolerant of the fescues and can handle full sunlight or tolerate moderate periods of shade.  It is a low growing densely tufted grass that frequently gets used for drought tolerant turf applications.  It is also useful as an erosion control species because it develops a dense root structure and occupies the understory zone while most other grasses get taller.  It can also be used as ground cover in orchards. It is not considered a palatable grass which can be useful if you are trying to discourage deer, rabbits and other critters from invading.  Sheep Fescue can tolerate a wide range of altitudes (3,000′ – 10,000′) easily and is very cold tolerant.


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