Frequently Asked Questions

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One of the best pieces of advice. . . plant it and then walk away (figuratively).

Worrying over the seed does not make it germinate any faster. Sometimes seeds act like the proverbial watched pot. They function on their own time scale, which can be 1 or 2 years later – no joke. Seeds have some kind of indicator system that informs them when conditions are right to grow.

Most seed companies purchase all their seed from other companies and from growers. They are removed from the growing experience even if they have highly qualified staff to help you with your needs. Southwest Seed is similar to a small handful of other seed companies in that we have our own farm where we grow approximately 40 different species of grasses and forbs (wildflowers) each year.

We purchase seed from other growers to make up the full complement of our seed offerings:  local genotypes, cover crops,  native vs. introduced,  dryland vs. irrigated, etc.