Mexican Gold Poppy


Mexican Gold Poppy is also known as Desert Gold Poppy or by its Spanish name, Amopalo del campo “poppy of the countryside.”  A very close relative of the California Poppy, it is differentiated by slightly smaller size, increased drought tolerance, and blooms that tend toward more yellowish hues.  When winter rains are sufficient in its native desert habitat it frequently blooms in large patches, creating a golden-orange carpet in the spring time.  The flowers do not produce nectar but their pollen is an important food source for native bees and bumblebees.  Mexican Gold Poppy can reseed itself from seed pods that burst open and are capable of shooting seeds up to 20 feet away.  The flowers only open on bright sunny days, closing in the late afternoon and on cloudy or windy days.  This plant with its showy flowers and attractive gray-green leaves is an excellent addition to a xeriscape garden.  The bloom period can be extended with watering.


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