Heidi’s Highlands Wildflower Mix


Heidi’s Highland mix was created for our Mountainous regions in the Southwest Four Corners region. It is a blend of annuals and perennial wildflowers. The annuals are added to the mix to bloom the year that you plant while the perennials will start to bloom when they reach maturity the second year. If you allow flowers to go to seed and Then scratch the seeds into the soil beneath the plants in the fall, there is a good likelihood you will continue to propagate the annuals in subsequent years. Created for elevations in the 7,000 – 10,000′ elevation range, these plants are winter hardy. These are relatively drought tolerant plants but there is an assumption that the higher elevations get more summer moisture than the lower altitudes. If you don’t get summer moisture then supplemental moisture may be critical for establishment and good blooms.

  • Shasta Daisy                    White                        Perennial
  • Lewis Flax                        Sky Blue                    Perennial
  • Rocky Mtn Penstemon  Blue/Purple             Perennial
  • Purple Aster                     Purple                       Perennial
  • Blackeyed Susan             Yellow                       Perennial
  • White Yarrow                  White                         Perennial
  • California Poppy             Orange                      Annual
  • Scarlet Flax                      Scarlet                       Annual
  • Bachelor Button             Deep Blue                 Annual


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