Cover Crop Cocktail


The Cover Crop Cocktail Mix is a combination of warm season and cool season grasses, legumes, broadleaf plants and small grains that are all annuals.  There are many approaches to the use of cover crops, also known as green manure’s, for soil health.  The theory behind cocktails is to provide as much diversity in the form of root growth, and the positive microorganisms, fungi and other beneficial components as well as the green above ground mass which can decompose to help provide organic matter, soil tilth and compostable material.  In general cover crops can help with erosion, smother weeds or at least keep them in control, enhance nutrient and moisture availability, keep the soil cool, control pests and enhance the general soil profile.  The Cover Crop Cocktail is designed for the Southwest but is not appropriate for areas without supplemental moisture.  The planting rate is 25 – 30 lbs per acre or 2 lbs per 1000 sq ft

7%    Berseem Clover                                                              4%    Forage Radish

10%   Hairy Vetch                                                                   4%    Forage Turnips

20%   Spring Field Peas                                                         4%   Forage Collards

10%   Lentils                                                                             4%    Mustard

10%   German Millet                                                               2%    Flax

10%   Annual Ryegrass                                                           15%   Buckwheat


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