Pubescent Wheatgrass


Pubescent Wheatgrass is an introduced, cool-season, perennial sod-forming grass.  It is very similar to Intermediate Wheatgrass and the two can readily cross-pollinate since they are merely different sub species.  Compared to Intermediate Wheatgrass, Pubescent Wheatgrass is more drought tolerant, more winter hardy, and will spread more by rhizomes.  Pubescent Wheatgrass is also better adapted to soils with low fertility and will tolerate some salinity (less than 12 millimhos per centimeter).   In irrigated settings, Pubescent will  yield less than Intermediate.   Also, after a few years under irrigation, Pubescent may become sod-bound and less productive.  Forage production can be restored by ripping with spikes to depths of 4 to no more than 6 inches every 3 years.  When used for pasture, it is best to harvest one hay crop before grazing because the cutting will stimulate root growth.  This will help keep the plants from being uprooted by grazing animals.   Pubescent Wheatgrass is also very useful for erosion control and reclamation because of its dense root structure.


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