Meadow Brome


Meadow Brome is used extensively in pastures for hay and grazing.  It is a highly palatable and productive grass.  It is considered an irrigated pasture grass in the Southwest and needs supplemental moisture to perform well.  It greens up early in the spring and has good regrowth after cutting.  It has fewer rhizomes than Smooth Brome so it does not tend to get sod bound which is a good trait for fields but makes it less of an erosion control species.  Meadow Brome can grow on many soil types but does not tolerate a wide range of either alkaline or acidic soil.  Meadow Brome responds well to fertilizer and soil enhancements. Typically germinates in 10 – 14 days when conditions are right.

Varieties that we carry include Fleet (1987) and Cache (2004).


Additional Information

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