Big Bluegrass


Big Bluegrass, is a part of the bluegrass family. A tall, native bunch grass that can grow more than 2′ tall – it prefers neutral, moderately coarse soil. It is an excellent graze early in the season before it heads out. It can green up several weeks before Crested Wheatgrass, making it an important component for wildlife and cattle. It can grow with as little as 10″ of precipitation but will go dormant without more moisture. Big Bluegrass generally prefers sunny to slightly shady sites and can tolerate slightly acidic soils. Once Big Bluegrass is established (a minimum of two years) it can be grazed in moderation, but it is susceptible to overgrazing. It is an important reclamation grass and post fire grass especially in the Pacific Northwest. Typically germinates in 2 – 3 weeks when conditions are right.

Varieties: Sherman


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