Tufted Hairgrass


Tufted Hairgrass is a cool season, native bunchgrass found at all elevations from sea level to 14,000 ft.  Typically in the arid southwest it is found at higher elevations but it can grow on coastal terraces, upper tidal marshes, seasonally wet prairies, moist subalpine mountain meadows, open forests, and alpine areas above timberline.  It is used as a mountain reclamation species and, with ample precipitation, tends to succeed on a wide variety of soils.  It can typically survive all but the most severe or hottest of fires.

Tufted hair grass is only moderately palatable, but because it can establish well and persist, it is used for reclamation purposes and because of its wispy, attractive seed head it gets used as an ornamental species.

Varieties available Nortran, VNS




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