Green Needlegrass


Green Needlegrass is a perennial, cool season, native bunch grass that typically performs well on fertile heavy soils like silty deposits and bottomland.  It is most palatable as it is greening up but it can maintain a green state throughout the summer and into the fall.  It makes dense and deep root structures lending itself to erosion control and revegetation efforts.  Green Needlegrass seeds tend to have high dormancy, making the germination and establishment of Green Needlegrass very slow.  Once established it has excellent regrowth and recovery as long as it is not overgrazed.  Green Needlegrass does have awns but these are not problematic for grazing animals like other needlegrasses.  It is typically found in the Northern Great Plains and in the Midwest.  Green Needlegrass typically germinates in 3 – 4 weeks when conditions are right.

Variety available: Lodorm


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