Hard Fescue


Hard Fescue is an introduced, cool season bunch grass.  It is considered a “fine leaf” fescue meaning that it has narrow leaves which gives it a more uniform and appealing look for lawns and low maintenance areas around homes and pedestrian areas.  Hard Fescue is one of the more drought tolerant species in the fine leaf fescue category (which includes Sheep Fescue. and Creeping Red Fescue). This grass is also palatable for livestock and wildlife, however, since it is not a tall growing grass it does not produce much tonnage.  Hard Fescue is slow to establish, but once it does, it forms a dense root structure that holds the soil well.  Typically germinates in 10 – 14 days when conditions are right.

There are many varieties of Hard Fescue that have been released.  In general there are not dramatic differences between the varieties.


Additional Information

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