Arizona Fescue


Arizona Fescue is a native, drought tolerant, perennial found in the higher elevations (6,000 – 10,000) feet of the Southwestern United States.  Once it matures it has a tough, fibrous bunch type, root system that can withstand dry periods making it useful for soil stabilization reclamation in dryer climates.  The vegetative parts of Arizona Fescue are palatable to both livestock and wildlife.  It is not trample resistant so it does not adapt well to pastures and constant grazing pressure. It is an attractive plant that makes a good ornamental plant in yards. Arizona Fescue has also been reported to recover well after fire. Typically takes 2 to 3 weeks to germinate after conditions are right.

The only variety of Arizona Fescue that has been released is Redondo (1973)


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