Who We Serve

There is really no such thing as a typical client at Southwest Seed. Seed needs span the entire range from yard seed to reclamation seeding.


  • Landscapers, Feed Stores, Nurseries: We can help you create a signature mix or customized mixes for your customer needs. Several nurseries and feed stores carry specific lines of seed wildflowers and grasses that are popular with their customer base. We can bag to specification, so we will make ¼ lb wildflower bags and 5 lb grass bags if that is what you need.
  • Mining, Oil and Gas Industries: There is a confusing welter of information in the seeding/reseeding component of many regulations and specifications. We can help translate the information and provide some insights into potential issues with the seeding work itself as well as the seed specifications. Some reseeders are experts in seeds and others have other expertise unrelated to the actual seed to be planted. We are a part of your team, helping you understand and work with the seed you need to plant.
  • Federal and State Land Managers: We understand timing and budgeting and bid process issues that you face on a daily basis. We provide seed to fit the needs and timing of administrative processes that you work with. In some cases we can also work with locally adapted genotypes.

farmer poseGeneral Public

  • Gardeners and Farm to Table Operations: Cover Crops are making a huge and welcome comeback in recent years and with the growing awareness, the range of crops available for green manure, cover and forage, and soil health are expanding as well.
  • Farmers and Ranchers: We carry all the typical pasture grasses for irrigated and dryland situations for grazing and haying as well as alfalfas and clovers to sweeten up your pastures. We do not carry Round Up Ready Alfalfas.
  • Homeowners: From the new lawn, to the drought tolerant grass outside your door or the restoration after the backhoe dug up your septic pipe, or the fire damage from the big fire, we can help you determine your options and get you started on the path to establishing a new planting.