Pollinator Feast


The Pollinator Feast Mix is designed for our arid Southwest landscapes but recognizes the importance of pollinators and beauty in everything.  This Pollinator mix is a blend of flowers that will bloom throughout the season.  It should perform well in the 5,000′ – ‘8,000 elevation range.  It is relatively drought tolerant but will do best with a limited amount of supplemental moisture during the dry periods.  It is comprised of mostly perennials with a few annuals to give you color in the first year.

  • White Yarrow                     Perennial         E, M            White
  • Arrowleaf Balsamroot        Perennial         M                 Yellow
  • Rocky Mountain Beeplant    Annual           M, L            Pink
  • Gallardia                              Perennial         M, L           Red & Yellow
  • California Poppy                 Annual              E                 Orange
  • Annual Sunflower                 Annual              M, L           Yellow
  • Showy Goldeneye                  Perennial         L                 Yellow
  • Perennial Lupine                   Perennial         E                 Purple
  • Rocky Mtn Penstemon         Perennial         E, M           Blue, Purple
  • Palmer Penstemon               Perennial          E, M           Pink

E = Early Bloom,   M = Middle Bloom,    L = Late Bloom


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