Desert Globemallow


Desert Globemallow, also known as apricot mallow, is a native drought-tolerant perennial with brilliantly colored orange flowers.   Its native range is from southwest Utah to Arizona, southern California, southern Nevada, Sonora, and Northern Baja, California. It is generally found in desert scrub below 3,500 feet; on dry, rocky slopes; edges of sandy washes; and along roadsides and other disturbed areas.

Desert Globemallow attracts bees and checkered skipper butterflies.  Considered a sub-shrub because of its woody stems, each plant grows in a large, many-stemmed, rounded clump from 20 to 40 inches tall.  Desert Globemallow is a spring bloomer but, if provided with consistent water, will flower from spring to fall.  It is easy to grow from seed in well drained soil and, once established, is hardy to -10F.  Frequently it will reseed itself.  Besides a xeriscape ornamental, Desert Globemallow is a useful reclamation and erosion control species because it can compete with invasive weeds.


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