Aspen Daisy


Aspen Daisy, also known as Aspen Fleabane, is an easy-to-grow, native perennial that can thrive from the lowest elevations up to 11,000 feet.  Its violet-colored flowers with vibrant yellow centers attract native bees and butterflies.  The only unusual requirement about starting seeds is that they need light to germinate so do not bury them in the ground, instead sprinkle a light layer of soil over the seed. The 8- to 24-inch plants bloom from June to October and can tolerate full sun to partial shade.   They will thrive on infrequent, deep watering from the second season and beyond.  The plants are short-lived but are capable of reseeding themselves.  In the wild, Aspen Daisy is commonly found on moist open slopes and along streams, and under aspen, spruce, and fir tees.


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