Sadies Shade Wildflower Mix


Sadies Shade is a special mix designed for those areas that get more shade than sunlight and therefore are protected and perhaps a bit moister.  This is the only seed mix that we provide that is not fully comprised of species typical of our area.  They include a more delicate and varied selection with a greater number of annuals than perennials.  This means that you will need to reseed each year or, at the very least, scratch fallen seed back into the soil so it has the potential to seed and sprout the following spring.  Sadies Shade is appropriate for altitudes from 4,000′ – 8,000′.

  • Chinese Forget-Me-Not    Annual/ Biannual    Blue
  • Candytufts                           Annual                        White/Pink/Violet
  • Baby Blue Eyes                   Annual                        Blue
  • Purple Coneflower             Perennial                    Purple
  • Lanceleafed Coreopsis      Perennial                    Yellow
  • Baby’s Breath                      Annual                        White
  • Rocket Larkspur                Annual                         White/Pink/Blue/Violet
  • Corn Poppy                         Annual                         White/Pink/Red
  • Shasta Daisy                       Perennial                     White
  • Sweet Williams Pinks       Perennial                     Pink/Red/White
  • Chinese House                   Annual                         White/Violet
  • Spurred Snapdragon        Annual                         Pink/Yellow/Violet
  • Johnny Jump-Ups            Annual/Perennial     Purple/Yellow/Blue
  • Clarkia                                 Annual                         Pink/Lavendar
  • Dwarf Columbine             Perennial                     Red/Violet/Blue/Pink/White
  • Forget-Me-Not                  Annual/Biannual      Blue
  • Tussock Bellflower           Perennial                    Lavender-Blue
  • Monkeyflower                   Annual                        Cream/Yellow/Red


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