Berseem Clover


Berseem clover is a fast growing, summer annual legume.  It is a prolific nitrogen producer and winter kills easily making it an ideal cover crop species.  When planted with a grain crop, Berseem clover does a good job of suppressing weed growth. Berseem clover will use available nitrogen during establishment but then is capable of fixing nitrogen at between 100 and 125 lbs/ac. Berseem germinates relatively quickly (7 days in 60 degree weather) and can tolerate slightly alkaline soils.  At 18 – 28% protein, Berseem Clover is comparable to alfalfa for feed.  Berseem can be used as a pasture or hay crop and has the potential to produce well over 3,000 lbs dry matter/acre with multiple cuttings.  Berseem clover is a non-bloat clover.  Plant Berseem at 8-12 lbs/ac drilled and 15-20 lbs/ac broadcast.


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